Mandy Clement | Jack Greene Park | Maryville, TN Photographer | Family Photographer

When Mandy reached out to me to photograph her two children and granddaughter, I was so excited! We met at Jack Greene Park in Marvyille and spent some time just walking around shooting various shots of the kids. The littlest one, Ava, is a doll baby! She was so happy to just run around and she is so photogenic as you will see in the pictures below. Evan, the four year old boy, is such a sweetheart. He reminds me of my four year old boy-sweet, silly, funny, and so very cute! And finally Keely, a high school sophomore and volleyball superstar, is just as sweet as she is beautiful. She helped to keep the kids focused just like a great big sis would do! I loved my time with this family and love their photos.